by Brother's Testament

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you 05:53
deborah I 01:33
interlude I 01:09
This place it makes me sick they love what’s plain and fear what’s weird and strange They walk the same they talk the same I ought to but I tend to stray The bouncer searched my pouch and soul at heaven’s gates denied me access so I went away crawled back from whence I came But Jah still with me every day the sun his gaze his tears the rain the storm his rage his calm what makes it clear as day Who knew that it could be this beautiful to hear some pain I hit rock bottom then showed courage from a fearful place Tearful bass mixed with Caleb’s keys with cheerful cadence The kicks and snares reek of a displeasing fragrance thank you drummer The way the hi hats say hi too quick with no regard for patience And then there’s me to add complexity to an already convoluted situation And turn it into a fusion of conversation and equation far too far-fetched for comprehension from either Einstein or Isaac Newton Call me young Isaac Newton Drifting by just kind of fluent Contradicted by some violent movements if you try my patience Ladies love us trident hate us Self destruct they try to aid us Decline their help the most high save us Ima College dropout messed my grades up Used to write in isolation I still write in isolation Life’s not fair but life’s amazing Life’s too short for time to waste And life’s too long for nights spent raving I met the love of my life when I was a youngin Her heart was tranquil all whilst mine was racing They say our eyes are the windows to our souls well mine’s locked I‘ve lost the key and mine’s got double glazing She bricked it and she forced it open I let her in cos she was awful broken She just like Arthur pulled the sword from stone and slayed the dragon with displays of passion went and saved the kingdom Yeah She went and saved the kingdom She won and saved the kingdom
bells I 03:15
I don’t think you could ever understand The things I have experienced first hand When I was a kid life was simple it seemed But now I’m here I have to say that It’s not go-ing that way It’s not go-ing that way It’s not go-ing that way It’s not go-ing that way No So it’s time to hit the road The times I’ve doubted God I can’t count on my hand The way the life the things that he has planned there was a time I thought that life would be a breeze But now I’m here I have to say that It’s not go-ing that way It’s not go-ing that way It’s not go-ing that way It’s not go-ing that way No So I guess I’ll persevere I thought I‘d grow without experiencing pain But without loss my pride just can’t be slain So take my hand and show me that there’s a new way I’ve realised now and will again that Some thing here has to change Some thing here has to change I can’t do it my way Something is go-ing to change Cos that’s the only way
interlude II 00:49
i knew i knew i knew you were the one for me said i knew i knew knew you were the one for me yeah
4:7 03:10


"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

'4:7' is about navigating a path through adult life... dealing with disappointment, loss and disillusionment. All those fairytale dreams you had as a kid - whatever you thought being an adult would be - really not being the case. Like, “damn, this is what it’s really like...!”

But a lot of the songs are about hope as well - realising that the only way you grow is through pain, struggle and things going wrong. Otherwise you just stay the same, you stand still.

For me, it's also about faith - “how is God good, how is he looking after me when all these things are happening?” - and realising that challenges are there to be overcome for a reason. Once you accept them, and can be humble, then you can grow as a person.

- Munashe-Caleb (MD)


released March 27, 2020

Munashe-Caleb Manyumbu - Keys, Synths, Vocals, Percussion
Jack Robson - Drums, Percussion
Mark Mollison - Guitar
Hugo Piper - Bass

Production & Mixing: Munashe-Caleb Manyumbu
Mastering: Jeff Mortimer
Designs: Hugo Piper


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Brother's Testament London, UK

Brother’s Testament is a London-based jazz fusion band led by Munashe-Caleb Manyumbu (MD, keys, vocals). The group brings an eclectic mix of influences to a strong jazz foundation, including hip-hop, R&B, funk and classical.

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